Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunday March 31, 1991

I hung out at home. NHL 1990-1991 season finished. I went over to Jordi's for the playoff pool draft. Melissa, Jen O, Sucher, Karen, Guy, Al, and I went to see If Looks Could Kill. Brutal!

Saturday March 30, 1991

Brian and I played squash and then grabbed lunch with Melissa at Burger King. Jordi, Irina, Al, Karen, Sucher, Reesa, Melissa and I went over to Dinah's place. Al, Karen, Mel and I eventually slept there.

Friday March 29, 1991

Good Friday - no school! Jordi, Brad, Al and I went for lunch at Golden Griddle and then came back to my place. Gabe came home from university. I hit a couple of house parties at night with Sorbs, Peter, Tyler, Jesse, Emma, Cathy and Caroline.

Thursday March 28, 1991

The students in Biology class left for Jamaica. We watched the famous Grand Central Station scene in The Untouchables in English A. In History class we discussed our OAC year and in Society we discussed the Prefects system. I went to Laser Genesis and Lime Rickey's with Melissa, Nara, Steve, Jen O, Mike, Daphne, J Lampert, Frannie, Perry, Joanne, Shelby M, Shelby W, and Nicki Sussman.

Wednesday March 27, 1991

We watched half of Bullitt in English A class. JJ and I went over to his house for a lasagna lunch. I watched TV, did homework and chatted with Melissa on the phone.

Tuesday March 26, 1991

I wrote a pop quiz in Math class. We started playing lacrosse again in Phys-Ed. I went over to JJ's with Horowitz after school. Karen, Al, Jordi, and Irina came over there too. We just hung out and then watched Leafs 2 Hawks 2.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Monday March 25, 1991

Back to school - March Break over. We watched a film about Women in Pakistan in our Society class. Hot dogs for lunch. JJ had Rich, Cam, Craig, Trevor, Sevag, Myles, Crane, Tyler and me over after school. Horowitz and J Diament also came by.

Sunday March 24, 1991

I went to North York Public Library with Melissa. We ran into a few people there. I prepped for school and went to bed early.

Saturday March 23, 1991

I went downtown with Al and then back to his house. We eventually went over to JJ's place where Langer, Horowitz, Gross, Vender, Jones, J Diament and a few girls were hanging out. Jordi, Brad, Medina, and Jordana also came by. Melissa was at her cousin's party but called me late night.

Friday March 22, 1991

I invited Melissa over and she came by in the afternoon. We took Pepper to the park beside the house. We grabbed dinner and then went to Gary Don's party with Joanne, Jen O, Brett and Brian. We swung by Newtonbrook at the end of the night.

Thursday March 21, 1991

Jordi, Brad and I went to Mackanzie high school to see the gang over there and then went over to Irina's with Karen. I went home for dinner and then met up with some Crescent guys. Gleed, JJ, D Scott, Sorbara, Eremita, Lalor, Mike F, Tyler, Fred and I went to Coronation Billiards and then went back to Gleed's to watch Ghost.

Wednesday March 20, 1991

I rented Taxi Driver - amazing! I talked on the phone for about 7 hours straight (mostly Melissa's friends pointing me in the right direction):

7-8:30/ Dinah & Irina
8:30-10/ Dinah & Karen
10-10:30/ Karen
10:30-11/ Al
11-2/ Irina

Tuesday March 19, 1991

I played basketball at Crescent and then went over to Sorbara's place with D Scott, Gleed, JJ, Harris, and Wolfson. I went to Jordi's hockey game with Melissa, Dinah, Irina, Bram, Jody Berman, etc. Jordi ended up getting into a scrap and Gail was not pleased.

Monday March 18, 1991

I hung around the house, took Pepper for a long walk and did some reading. JJ and I went to a party at Marcel's house. Lundy, Paula, Gorrie, Carter, Corcoran, Aceto, D Gladman, etc. were all there. We ended up at the McDonald's at Yonge and Eglinton late night and some shit went down.

Sunday March 17, 1991

St. Patrick's Day. I talked to Melissa on the phone (a few times). Slept. Rented the movie Skin Deep.

Saturday March 16, 1991

Jordi and Guy came back from their trip to California (L.A.). I went over to Jordi's house to see them. I met up with JJ and Horowitz and then we headed to a get together at Joanne's house. Jordi, Mark, Guy, Brad, Mike W, Jen O, Melissa, Dinah, Irina, Jordana, Sucher and Darren were all there. I ended up fooling around with Melissa for the first time. 

Friday March 15, 1991

Played road hockey with Brett, Brad, Newman and Cliff. I went to a house party with the Karens (Hennick, Sucher, Medina), Melissa, Dinah, Al, Brad, Jen O, Mark, S Levy, and Gladstone.     

Thursday March 14, 1991

I played road hockey with Cliff, Brett, Newman, and Brandon. I went out in the evening with Mark and Brad. We ended up at Newtonbrook Bowlerama and a bunch of people were hanging out in the parking lot. I ran into Karen's friend Dinah and she introduced me to her friend Melissa. We chatted for a while and I kind of dug her.

Wednesday March 13, 1991

I received my mid-term report card for the 2nd term. I got an 81.9% average but didn't get an A in Math. Mark, Al, Brad and I went mall hopping. A big group of us met at Uno's on Front Street for dinner (Al, Brad, Mark, Lee, Dinah, Irina, Sucher, and Karen).

[Note: check out the comments section for a reference on my punctuality in the morning ... have never been a morning guy.]

Tuesday March 12, 1991

I sat at home and watched TV all day. In a shitty mood and skipped going to a party at Sue's house.

Monday March 11, 1991

I played basketball with Poster, Brad, Fisch, Darren R, Brett, Cliff, etc. I went home and watched TV, including a special about The Mamas and the Papas. Brad, Bram, Justin, Al, JJ and I went over to Karen's house to watch An Officer and A Gentleman with her, Eleanor, Irina, Dinah and Joanne. 

Sunday March 10, 1991

I played road hockey and basketball with Brad, Ryan and Manel. Sucher, Hennick, Irina, Al, Brad, Brett and I went to see Sleeping With The Enemy and then went back to Sucher's house.

Saturday March 9, 1991

I spent the afternoon at home. We went over to granny's house for dinner. Drove around the usual spots with Brad, Brett, Katzin, J Diamond, Candace, Krista H, Mark and Rog. I ended up sleeping over at Brad's place.

Friday March 8, 1991

I spent the day at JJ's house. That night Vender had a big party at his house. A bunch of people came: JJ, Jones, Vender, Al, Brad, Sorbara, Sucher, Karen, Roger, Emma, Horowitz, Cam, Caroline, Irina, etc. 

Thursday March 7, 1991

Last Day before March Break. Tortellini for lunch. I left early and went to JJ's house. I had dinner at home and then talked on the phone (Reesa, Al, Jordi) and watched Cheers.

Wednesday March 6, 1991

Jordi and Irina took me to Aurora for my 365 driver's license. Stopped by Thornlea for a visit and then went back to Jordi's house. Guy, Sucher, Al, Brad, Mark, and Bram all came by to hang.

Tuesday March 5, 1991

I got 85% on my Physics test, and 90% on my English B project. We had chili for lunch. Jordi's parents went out of town so Al, Guy, Brad and I all crashed at his house.

Monday March 4, 1991

I got 83% on my English A test about The Odyssey, and we discussed the end of the Gulf War. We had a school assembly in the afternoon and I got a bunch of University application information. JJ and I went over to Dan's house.

Sunday March 3, 1991

Stayed home and did homework all day. I helped mom with some chores around the house and took Pepper for a walk. Watched 60 Minutes and America's Funniest Home Videos with mom and dad.

Saturday March 2, 1991

Al, Guy, Mark, Brad and I hung out at Jordi's place - played a little Scopa (Italian card game). I went home for dinner and then headed to Le Strip with Mark, Rog, Bri, Brett and Jeremy. We stopped by Bowlerama before going home.

Friday March 1, 1991

A day of tests: Math, Physics and Fitness Tests (in Phys-Ed class). Grilled cheese for lunch. Brett, Brian, Mark, Rog, Brad and I did the circuit. First we went to Lime Rickey's (nobody really there) and then headed over to Newtonbrook Bowlerama where we ran into a bunch of people, including Katzin and Gary.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Thursday February 28, 1991

I wrote another test in History class. We watched a movie about Lebanon in Society class. I worked on my mock trial for Law class. I watched Cheers in the evening.

Wednesday February 27, 1991

I wrote a Math contest test. I went to UCC to watch 1st Hockey: Crescent 3 vs. UCC 3. Excellent game. After dinner I watched the Leafs rout the Devils 7-3; however, Peter Stastny had 3 points!

Tuesday February 26, 1991

I got 86% on my Physics test and 75% on my Math test. We played a basketball mini-tournament in Phys-Ed class. Watched TV and did homework.

Monday February 25, 1991

I wrote my test in English A on The Odyssey. I got a bunch of results on prior tests/assignments:

100% on Society quiz
90% on History quiz
87.5% on Law test
83% on History test
80% on Law facts sheet
80% on English A essay
76% on Law homework assignment

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sunday February 24, 1991

Gabe left to return to Western. I hung out at JJ's house with Horowitz and J Diament. I had dinner at home and then watched TV and studied for my test on Homer's The Odyssey.

Saturday February 23, 1991

Gabe and I went to granny's place for a late breakfast. I went to Thornhill after to play road hockey:

Rog, Ryan L, Andy L, Kev and I vs. Cliff, Brad, Brian and Gasee.

Sorbara had me, Al, D Scott, Gleed, Christine, Caroline, and Meredith over at his place. After that D Scott, Gleed, Al and I went to Fantasia in Richmond Hill. We ended the evening at Toby's for late night 'good eats'.

Friday February 22, 1991

Grub Day! We had a Physics test on chapter 18 and a Math test. I went to a party at BJ's house with JJ, Eremita, Lundy, Peter L, M Field, Joel, Ritchie, Gleed, Heissler, Christine, Emma, Meredith, and Sue. After that a bunch of us headed to a Branksome party where Myles, Cam, Crane, Craig, Webster, Sandy, DB, Ruhnke, Damien, and Trevor were already at. A few people ended up at "the Mug".

Monday, February 21, 2011

Thursday February 21, 1991

We did our presentation in English A - and got 11/15 (not good). I then wrote a Law test. We told jokes in Society class. I stayed up very late preparing for the Math and Physics tests.

Wednesday February 20, 1991

We had an awesome discussion in History class. Myles and I went to JJ's house to work on our English A presentation. I typed out the presentation handout, did Law homework and watched TV (Wonder Years and Doogie Howser MD).

Tuesday February 19, 1991

We had a school assembly in which there was a debate held: Wolfson and Levine took on Pollack and De Berardinis. We played basketball in Phys-Ed class. Gabe and I went to see Green Card at Bayview Village.

Monday February 18, 1991

I handed in my English A essay on The Handmaid's Tale. Cam and Craig did a hilarious presentation in English A. We had a debate about censorship in Society class. Veal for lunch. After dinner I went through old boxes of stuff and just organized my room while listening to hockey games on the radio.

Sunday February 17, 1991

I helped around the house and worked on my essays for school. Rented the movie of The Handmaid's Tale.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Saturday February 16, 1991

I did homework - wrote my essay for English A. Brad had Jordi, Al, Roger, Mark and I over for drinks. Then we did the circuit: Lime Rickey's, Newtonbrook Bowling and Toby's. We ran into a bunch of people, including Brian, Brett, Katzin, and Gary Don.

Friday February 15, 1991

Of course after a late night out the next day is full of tests: History test, Math test and Physics quiz. Fish sticks for lunch. Gabe came home for the weekend to check out the new place. I went to a big dance at Havergal with a bunch of the guys: Joel, DB, Webbie, JJ, Geoff, Sevag, Eremita, Fred, BJ, Sorbs, D Scott, Tyler, Crane, Craig, Riaz, Munroe, Ben and Gleed. We partied with Sue, Emma, Kate, Katrina, Nessa, Suzanne, and Tanya. 

Thursday February 14, 1991

Valentine's Day and Granny's 75th birthday! I handed in my essay for Society class and another one for English A. Brian and I went to the Neil Young concert at Maple Leaf Gardens. It was Neil Young & Crazy Horse, with Sonic Youth and Social Distortion opening. We didn't see any of the opening acts because when I met Brian at Sheppard Station he realized that he forgot the tickets at home. We ended up going back up to Finch and taking the Steeles 53 back to his house, grabbing the tickets and then catching a cab to the subway. It was quite the adventure and in the end we showed up just before Neil went on stage. Although the concert was great musically, it was a bit disappointing in that Neil literally didn't say a word between songs. You would think coming back to Canada he would talk to the crowd - an anecdote, memory - something. Anything. But he never made a peep. The set included:

Mansion on the Hill
Cinnamon Girl
Keep on Rockin' in the Freeworld
Like a Hurricane
Hey Hey My My
My Boy
Blowin' in the Wind

Wednesday February 13, 1991

I wrote a Law test and had a Physics lab. We played basketball in Phys-Ed and then I went home early (skipped clubs). I did homework, had dinner and then watched Midnight Run. Great flick!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tuesday February 12, 1991

Back to school. I finished my Physics essay. Did homework. I got my own phone and TV for my room.

Monday February 11, 1991

I did homework and worked on the house (no school today). We grabbed Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner. Paulina and Alex M. came over. I watched Airplane on TV.

Sunday February 10, 1991

I did homework and work around the house. Granny came over to see the new home. I went over to JJ's house with Dan.

Saturday February 9, 1991

We finally moved into our new house: 137 Gypsy Roseway (Bayview & Sheppard area). We unpacked and I started organizing my room. JJ, Al, Mark, Jordi and I went to some Lawrence Park house party we heard about - it was crap. We then headed to Harvey's at Yonge & Eglinton before going to Newtonbrook Bowling. We ran into Guy, Sucher, Jordana, Katzin, Brian, Brett, Belinda, Lisa and a bunch of other people there.